That ever elusive quality that we look for. When it’s there, magic happens. When it’s not, we break out the flash(es) and try to make it happen. Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn’t. This time it did. This image is a friend of mine who needed some professional head shots and portraits. I ran out and got a backdrop and some reflectors, thinking that I needed them (well, truth be told, I did), and so we did several shots in front of said backdrops and using the reflectors/illuminators. I am very happy with them. This one however, was done in my kitchen (which as you see, has great light in the morning) and the results were amazing. Just one off camera flash, no reflectors, no backdrop except what is there. Marc is just Hollywood enough that he is an outstanding subject, knows when to smile, how to stand, made this shoot a real pleasure.

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