Getting it right in the camera…

Since Brian and I were busy shooting yesterday, I didn’t get a post in for that day. Here is my first photo that I’ve processed from that morning. A good ratio of keepers for the day as well. In the last post, I talked about getting it right in the camera. While I never claim to be perfect, this is a pretty good example of doing that. I used a Reverse Graduated Neutral Density filter here. That let me expose the darker foreground up a bit. The reverse grad let me keep some of the more subtle colors in the clouds and sky, and in some other images, you’ll see darker blues in the sky as well. Money well spent. Processing time was minimal, no more than for most of my images, and I am much happier with the result. Judge for yourself.

This is not the ideal application for a reverse grad, but I wanted to darken the sky, and still leave the foreground lighter, as well as bring out some of the color of the dunes.

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