Grey skies and green… everthing else

This is another one of those tricky exposures. Grey skies, which is the norm in the Pac NW, and the amazing palette of green that is also the norm. No choice here but to pump up the saturation on the green. Since I used a GND filter in processing, I can’t help but wonder if a grad ND would have been a good idea on the camera. I shall have to try this again. On the other hand, I’d rather come back here on a sunny, partly cloudy day to add to the drama of this perspective. Crown Point is in the middle foreground, and Beacon Rock to the back along the river. This is of course, the Columbia River. Lots of grandeur in the rocks/water/mountains/trees up here. It’s all just huge.

While I love the silky water effect I got here, the movement of the air by the falling water really blurred the vegetation. Yea, it’s a small issue, but it bugs me. I do love the detail and contrast of the columnar basalt behind the falls. The light and contrast here is exactly what I love in an image. I may post this on my web page, just not sure yet.

2 thoughts on “Grey skies and green… everthing else

  1. Such beautiful waterfall shots! 🙂 Colorado is so blah this spring that the green is nice to see. Website-worthy, if you ask me.

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