To some photographers who have cut their teeth on Photoshop, this will be a huge “duh” moment, but bear with this luddite for a bit will you?

I’ve been reading about creating an “action” in Photoshop for some time. An action is a way to automate what amounts to several mind numbing and tedious time robbing techniques. In this case, I created a “gallery print”, which mainly consists of creating some white space around the image, and then adding text as appropriate. Also, there is a “stroke”, which in this instance is a 4 pixel wide black border, which in some photos, can help delineate any white space that may exist in an image from the white space you create in the gallery print. In this instance, there isn’t really any white space, but it does create a very subtle border, which adds a certain elegance to your image. I suspect I can also add my text attributes, more on that to come after I do some experimenting.

The good news? Making actions is bloody incredibly EASY. That’s why I’m so excited about this. Anything I can do to simplify my workflow is all good.

UPDATE: Yes, you CAN create the action with text inserted, and right where you want it, with fonts and styles as you specify. This is really cool!

Just a reminder…

…that it really is Spring. Hard to believe as we look out the window this morning. I’ve lived here in CO for over 30 years and I am still mystified by what passes for a “climate” here.

Anyway, something spring-like to look at. Enjoy the weekend, which is supposed to be nice and warm again.

More Sand Dunes

Just had to post this sunrise shot of the Sand Dunes. The light, shapes and colors of this area are very compelling.

I used a Reverse ND Grad filter for this, which is kinda odd given the circumstances, but I like how it came out. Did a minimum amount of post processing to bring out the colors of the dunes.