Project 365?

I’ve been mulling over the idea of doing a photo of the day project, a ‘Project 365’ if you will for some time. My friend Brian started one, and frankly it’s made me feel like I ‘should’, but it’s a huge commitment. So far he’s kept up with it. I know I would feel guilty if I couldn’t and with things in my immediate future being a bit uncertain, I may just wait a bit before I start it. It’s a great idea, and it forces one to get out and do some shooting and thinking about doing things out of your normal comfort zone, all of which I need to do. Maybe when some immediate concerns get take care of I can concentrate on it better. Feeling just a bit unfocused on photography right now, please excuse the unintentional pun.

However, I had occasion to go to DIA (Denver International Airport) today to drop off a friend. I decided I’d better bring my camera so I could get some images of the famous Demonic Horse. There is quite a backstory on this one, and you can read a bit about it at the following blog: where you can ALSO read about a number of conspiracy theories about DIA that are frankly… well, I’ll let the readers decide for themselves.

I was sort of half thinking that this might be a good image to start with a project 365. It’s kinda different, kinda weird. Nevertheless, I haven’t been able to make myself commit to this sort of project, yet.

The back story on this sculpture is how long ago it was commissioned, vs. how long it took to get delivered, and how it actually killed it’s creator. Now of course, those who want to place some mysterious significance on any event that happens normally in life consider the sculpture haunted. I think its an interesting piece, at 32 feet tall, it really dominates the horizon. It does seem a bit out of place given the type of art, but what do I know from art? At any rate, I present to you, “Blucifer”, aka “DIAblo”, the Demonic Horse of DIA.

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