Light painting…sort of.

As a photographer, I’ve never been particularly attracted to light painting, though I’ve seen some really nice work done in that respect. I was sitting in my dark room late last night, with a laser pointer, watching my computer finish up some DVD rips, and was playing with my laser pointer at a time when the dogs were asleep in the next room and not likely to go insane over the green dot on the floor, or walls…

It occurred to me that I had my camera sitting next to me and I wondered… Yes, it works. It’s interesting doing this because you can only see it while you are tracing out a letter, so you’re not really sure how it’s going to look, but there it is. I think further time was…er investigation is in order.

Pretty sure I still have a piece of black cloth somewhere around here. Should make a nice background for more of this tomfoolery. By the way, if you try this, keep the dogs and cats out of the room. They really love to chase these things and they’ll get in the way or likely break something. They get quite exuberant.

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