The sleeping giant…

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”  Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto

The quote provided above is widely used, but as it turns out, it is most likely apocryphal as there is no proof, written or otherwise, that he actually said it.

Having said that, he is right.  Americans have historically put up with a lot before we push back.  But if you bring the fight to us, we’re going to give you the fight you’re looking for.  We love our freedoms, we love the idea of sharing that freedom with others, but not at the expense of our own.

Social media and the blogosphere are full of statements and ideas that at worst, we are no longer that nation, and at best, we are in danger of losing the freedoms that we still have.  Those of you who know me from social media know where I stand on these and other issues.  I am not going to talk about that here.

Today is the anniversary of 9/11…and to many others, the anniversary of Benghazi, which not coincidentally, happened on the same day in 2012.  A few things have happened recently which has prompted me to write on my blog again.  A landmark and history making recall election has been successfully undertaken in Colorado.  Two state senators, one of them the president of the Colorado senate, have been successfully recalled by voters in their respective districts.  I say history making, because it’s never happened before in Colorado.  That alone should tell you something.  The aforementioned senate president consistently turned a deaf ear to his constituents, as well as the residents of the state, which as president he also represents.  Or did.  Not only that, he encouraged his colleagues in the senate to ignore emails, phone calls and letters from their respective constituents.  He considered the people who wrote them “vile and disgusting”, and slanderously accused those who were working toward his recall of being “criminals, and sexual predators” with no basis in fact to do so.  His accusations of outside interests were also fascinating, given the fact that he was accepting money from none other than Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York to defend his office.  $350,000 to be specific.  Meanwhile he accused the NRA of supporting and initiating this recall drive.  Well, the NRA DID get involved, after it became obvious that outside money was coming in for his recall defense.  The NRA sent about $100,000, but this was mostly in the form of legal assistance and PR work.

The folks who started the recall drive were ordinary citizens, like you and me.  People who had gotten fed up and decided to do something about it.  Those people attracted like minded other people just like you and me and organized.  Despite a lot of dirty trickery by Morse and his minions, he was successfully recalled.  Angela Giron, from Pueblo, CO was also successfully recalled by an even larger margin for much of the same behavior exhibited by John Morse.

There was much talk by the opposition and sympathetic newspapers and other media that it was about gun laws passed by the Colorado legislature.  Yes, and no.  That was only one of several issues.  Primarily it was about the imperial attitudes of the aforementioned legislators, the changing of rules to suppress any opposition to their agenda from speaking out at the capitol building in Denver.  Gun legislation was passed that will have zero net effect on crime.  In fact, the Colorado Sherriff’s Association nearly unanimously issued a statement that they would not only NOT enforce these laws, but have filed a lawsuit to repeal them.  The only dissenting counties were Arapahoe and predictably, Denver county.  These onerous laws resulted in Magpul deciding to pull out of the state, taking millions in revenue and several hundred jobs with them.  Strong work there John.  Something tells me that isn’t in the best interest of the state.

In other events, outside of Colorado, a large coalition of bikers has decided to protest the Million Muslim March, by staging a run to Washington DC.  The MMM was granted a permit by the Park Service for this event.  The bikers were however, denied.  The MMM is a protest by muslims in America to be granted extra rights for all kinds of free stuff that they feel they are entitled to because…well, they’re special.  The bikers, taking exception to this, have decided that enough is enough.  Despite not having a permit, they’ve decided to go anyway, which only means they won’t get a police escort to run traffic lights, so about a million folks on Harley’s will be riding a route predetermined by their organizers and obeying traffic laws.  Can you imagine the sound of a million Harley Davidsons for blocks on end?  I call that the sound of freedom.

Additionally, the bikers have been invited to share in a rally by another group who does have a permit, so they will be able to gather near the capitol for that little soiree.  Lovely.

 The point of all this…America is finally showing some signs of ‘we’ve had enough’.  A million bikers descending on the District of Corruption is a pretty good start I’d say.  An historic ‘never-happened-before’ recall in Colorado is yet another.

Just because a particular party is in power doesn’t mean they can ignore the other opposing side of the citizenry.  A fact that the current pack of liars is finding out.

Peaceful revolt.  You’ve got to love it.  Yes, it’s a longer road.  Yes, it’s probably a lot more frustrating in the long run.  The system works, as long as you USE IT!  So much complacency has crept in within the United States.  The attitude of “they won’t listen anyway so what’s the point?”.  The “what can we do?” has to be replaced with electing different people.  One might argue that they thought they were doing that when Obama was elected.  Hope and change and all that.  I was never fooled by it.  Despite all his claims of ‘fundamentally changing’ our country (which make no mistake, he is trying very hard to do), he’s more of the same old tired socialist arguments.  It’s never worked before and it’s not going to work now.

We seem to go through these periods every few years, swinging from one side of the political spectrum to the other.  Anyone remember Jimmy Carter?  By remember, I mean, does anyone remember the malaise that swept the country when he was in office?  Double digit inflation?  Double digit unemployment?  Same thing now, except they’re fudging the numbers to make it look better.  It’s probably much worse in reality.

You hear rumblings on the social media about revolt…meaning armed revolt.  Honestly, I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that.  While there is no one left alive to remember the US Civil War, just read the history books, or at least the ones that haven’t been revised.  It was an incredibly destructive period in our history that probably derailed many years of progress in our country and divided a people against themselves.  I don’t recommend it.  There are plenty of other examples of how bad of an idea it is in our present time.

The Constitution gives We the People broad powers to restrict government, provided we USE them.  Government has managed to circumvent a lot of them to the point where people are beginning to get…well, really pissed off.  We must hold our government officials to the standard of law.  We have to start electing people who are equally committed to the idea of the rule of the Law of the Land.  It’s still a good idea folks, despite what the many detractors of the Constitution will try to tell you.

We made it work in Colorado.  The price of it, is that we have to get involved.  We have to step away from Facebook occasionally, or Honey Boo Boo, or whatever other mindless drivel you’re personally addicted to.  In any case, set your DVR to watch it later, but get up and do something, because it won’t change unless We the People make it happen.  It’s our country, and it’s our government.  Those clowns work for US!  If you owned a business and had people like that working for you, why would you keep them?  The business of running our country requires people committed to the rule of Law, not tired old flip flopping Senators who’d rather play poker on their iPhone than pay attention in a committee room while there is talk of starting war.

If your state doesn’t allow recall elections to happen, then you should be trying to change that.  The other side whined and complained about it costing so much (yet they didn’t volunteer to donate the outside funds they were receiving to offset that cost now…did they?) and about how disruptive it was.  Really?  As opposed to the millions of dollars of lost revenue your shenanigans are costing the state?  In any case, a recall has never happened in the history of Colorado.  Not once.  Until yesterday that is.

It’s stuff like this happening that keeps my faith in my country and in its people.  Together, we can do a lot more than one of us.

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