Watch this space…

Work flowI was just reading my last entry. A year goes by very quickly doesn’t it? I had hoped to be more productive here, but well, life happens.  Anyway, I was watching that same X -Files episode mentioned in my last post.  Something about it really pulls at my head.

It’s been another year of ‘interesting times’, to use the old Irish curse. Not that it’s been bad, just interesting. Lessons being learned, it seems that a lot of my life is passing through a transition into…something else. I don’t really have it all fully formed in my head just yet, so this won’t be very deep, meaningful or has it ever really?

The relationship I mentioned, well…for next time perhaps. Suffice to say it was a painful episode and I’ve spent the past year licking my wounds.

Some other things popped up in the middle of that, and well…more on that later. Maybe. As I say, this is probably nothing more than half formed ideas, but I feel like I’m on the verge of some new understanding. I have a mission on the near horizon to accomplish, and just maybe that will clarify some things in my mind. At least I hope so. You dear readers, will most likely know if it does.

So, for now, this is just a placeholder. Sorry it’s so short, but it is what it is.  Writing is also pulling at my head again, but ironically I don’t really have that much to say, at the moment anyway.

This is more like the germ of the seed of an idea that is just now being thought about being planted and I’m wondering where the hell it’s going to get the best sunlight.  Or something like that.