I told you so…

I’m angry.  Like really angry.  Enough to drop F bombs, and not to care.  I don’t care if you don’t like it, and I don’t care if it offends the sensibilities of those who this is aimed at either, because amongst the F bombs I amjonasthornqvist_hulk_2 going to drop some fucking Truth bombs.  Those are the things that some of you seem to cringe at the most.  Because you place your trust in politicians who continue to lie to you and you can’t see through it, because they say they are fighting for YOU!  Let me start with the first Truth Bomb.  They don’t give a flying fuck about you.  What they do give a flying fuck about is getting, and maintaining their positions of power.  They will solicit donations of millions upon millions of dollars of Other Peoples Money (even though they are filthy rich themselves) to brainwa…er, convince you that they are fighting for your best interests, which of course is a load of horseshit.

I have been personally vilified by the left (as have many other gay conservatives, and yes there are many more of us), but not nearly as much by the vicious queens of the gay left when they find out this little fact.  They will accuse us of self loathing, being closeted (I am not, obviously), being mentally deficient, mentally ill, and nearly anything else their twisted minds can come up with.  Not to say that conservatives aren’t capable of the same vileness because they are.  Particularly those of the more fundamental religious bent.  I particularly  love it when they call it a ‘lifestyle choice’…when for almost 30 years, I gave it my level best to try to not be gay.  Then their little craniums explode when I ask them when they chose to be straight.  But, craniums explode on both sides of the political spectrum when they find out about this which is entertaining at times, frustrating at others.

What I am specifically angry about is the shooting in Orlando at the gay nightclub.  Not because I am gay (which I am), and not specifically because it was at the hands of an Islamic radical (which it was, and yes I am angry about that too).  What am I angry about, specifically you ask?  Glad you asked.

I have endeavored to make leftists in general comprehend the hatred that the muslim extremists have for those of us in the west, and especially the gay leftists (which of course is an oxymoron).  They reflexively counter with the argument that not all muslims are ‘that way’.  Yes, I know this.  Why would I include them in this conversation?  I have a muslim friend who isn’t insane and so why would I include him in a conversation about the insane ones.  Moving on…  I’m talking about the extremists of course you dolts.  Stop defending them generically and lets talk about the ones who will kill you at the drop of a hat, who will throw you off a building or behead you for being gay.  Enter the denial, the vilification, the accusations of racism (even though Islam isn’t a race, nor is it hardly even a religion), what an ignorant conservative moron I must be to say such a thing then end the ‘discussion’ with a venomously delivered “Namaste” as if it actually meant “Fuck You”.  Don’t laugh, it actually happened to me once.  Well then, I guess I better not tell them I am a concealed handgun permit owner and carrier.  Oh wait, I did, didn’t I?  Yes, well, that makes ME a terrorist doesn’t it?  I guess their legendary Tolerance only extends so far.

Invariably, when I have these conversations with anti-gun progressives, the conversation turns to how THEY could never own a gun because THEY are afraid they would shoot someone in a fit of anger.  Therefore, no one else should own a gun, right?  Well, dear fragile emotional little progressive snowflake, just because you don’t trust yourself with a firearm, doesn’t mean everyone else out there is ready to go on a mass shooting at the snap of a shoelace.  Personally, I’ve never been tempted, it’s never even entered my mind to solve a problem that way, even though, to a progressives mind and standards, I’ve had plenty of reasons to do so.  To my mind and morals and to every other responsible gun owner, none of those things can justify the taking of a human life.  The only thing that can, would be to defend my life, or that of another innocent life.  It’s a curious paradox that a person of a ‘progressive’ bent would do so over a petty argument, and yet not to defend themselves or another.

What does this have to do with the shooting in Orlando?  Glad you asked.  Mind you, I am deeply saddened by the loss of life.  I am sad for the families of those killed.  I am, however, finding it hard to find sympathy for my gay ‘brethren’, who if they knew what I have revealed to you dear reader, would line up to parrot the others in their derision of me like a bunch of school marms.   Yet, if I had been there last night, with my concealed handgun, and defended myself and subsequently, them, to stand behind me and cower, and MAYBE even thank me, grudgingly, for saving their sorry asses because they didn’t have the courage to get the training to get their own concealed handgun permit so that they could defend their own lives should such a thing happen to them.

Am I bitter?  Maybe a little.  Maybe a lot.  I am angry and I believe I am justifiably so.  I can’t tell you how many times I have told these same people that this would happen to them (meaning in the generic sense) one day, and that they might wish one of ‘us’ might be there, armed and ready.  Gay people are already a target, and even more so now with the influx of so many ‘peace loving’ muslims whom the government has admitted they cannot possibly vet.  But they cling to the notion that the government, the police, will protect them because laws.  How did those laws work out for you this early morning in Florida folks?  Do I sound callous?  Well, I sort of hope so.  I hope I’m pissing people off.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I am.  But they already were pissed off at me so I really don’t fucking care if they are more pissed off.  They really need to be pissed off at a government and politicians  that are seeking to infringe more and more, daily on our right to protect ourselves.

This is why I do not support the left, or even the conservatives, and why I do not support gay causes.  At all.  They, specifically the gay community, have done exactly nothing to support me.  They have crucified me publicly for daring to speak up about what I believe.  Their legendary Tolerance only extends to other Progressive weakling dependency monkeys.  So Fuck You Very Much.  Don’t expect me to support you, or defend you.  Not until you show me that you are willing to learn to defend yourselves and stop depending on a government that doesn’t give a wet shit about you.  As William F. Buckley once said, “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

If I’m getting through to some of you, then good.  If the thought of getting into a concealed handgun certification class is intimidating (and it is to many people, gay and straight) then here is a link to Pink Pistols, a gay friendly organization with chapters across the country who can help you get certified in a friendly environment.  I also know people here in Colorado who can do so, not part of this organization but I can guarantee they are gay friendly because they are friends of mine.  Leave me a comment with an email and I will put you in touch with them.

I leave you with this little nugget to ponder for the month of June, nationwide.  As well as my own parting shot.  I fucking told you so.

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