I told you so…

But you never listen.

I hardly know where to begin. I will say however, comments are disabled. I don’t want to debate this with anyone. If you voted for this ass clown, you got what you deserved. If you didn’t, we got what we didn’t want. It sure does seem however, that 81 million people (allegedly) are awfully quiet.

First of all, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is simply incompetence. That is a factor, but it’s not the only one. Massive forces are at work within our government to destroy America. That is no longer merely a suspicion, but fact. This empty husk was deliberately placed there because he is of course, incompetent, and malleable within that framework of incompetence, and yes, they KNEW he was cognitively declining, and he has only been getting worse. Perfect opportunity for the destructive minded evil folks working inside the government, the so called Deep State. These people are the products of America hating college professors who have indoctrinated them into the same loathing of America and what it stood for (note the past tense). Ok, probably still stands for, but certainly not within the government by a majority of them. Our schools have become a training ground of hatred disguised within a facade of “progressive” thought. Our miitary is being slowly but surely neutered by these dam evil people, by incorporating ‘wokeness’ into military doctrine. There is only one purpose for the military. To break shit and kill our enemies. Except now our enemies are within the government. The military was never meant to be a platform of social engineering. But it has become just that. Now we have Gen. “Thoroughly Modern Milley”, a woke general (those words make me want to vomit and break things simultaneously) in charge and seemingly only concerned with “white rage” (whatever that might be?) and not with blowing shit up and killing the enemy. When we lose focus on that, and hamstring our troops, we get… what has happened in Afghanistan.

Joemama Biden gave a pathetic and weak presser the other night, HOURS after the event, and weakly tried to lay the blame for it on Trump. Really Joe? Please explain that logic. This is on. you. Completely. Granted, the adults are no longer in charge, there are the children with socialist idealism actually calling the shots in the White House now. VP Kneepads is again, conveniently out of the way, doing…I really don’t know what, but sources inside the administration have confessed that she works hard at keeping away from any work whatsoever. Don’t believe me? As evidence, I point to the bang up job she has done with the ‘immigration’ crisis on our southern border. Nothing. Accomplished. Just biding her time to become president. In point of fact, SCOTUS has reinstated the law of holding people at the border (the Mexico side), and although it’s probably an impossible task, all illegal immigrants found will be arrested and returned to said border to wait it out on that side.

But, I digress. The White House, that is to say, the president and all his underlings actually running the show, have broken faith with the American people, the military who literally and repeatedly put their lives on the line. Those who have paid the ultimate price, as in this past week have done. They have flouted the Constitution, but of course, thats just an old piece of paper to these scumbags. Though they gladly trot it out and call it a ‘living document’ when it suits their agenda. I will say it, loud and proud here. They have committed high treason against the United States of America, but giving aid, comfort, advanced weaponry and ammunition to the enemy. Yet Biden defers to them as if they are the legal government of Afghanistan. People who are actively killing, in the most horrible ways. Afghan citizens who have aided us in the fight, will be killed. Horribly. In ways you cannot imagine. American citizens are about to be ADANDONED (yes, Jen Psnarky) in that country, where they too will be used as political leverage, and then also killed in horrible ways you cannot imagine. Because they are psychopathic bloody minded madmen that you cannot negotiate with. The only thing that can be done with these assholes is to kill them.

There WAS an agreement in place with them, not coincidentally, altered by the current occupant of the Oval (because OrangeManBad [tm]) that would have allowed everyone to get out safely, ahead of the military, from a secure airport that Biden abandoned WAY too soon. But he gave that decision to the State Department. Diplomats. Not military experts. Because they’ll continue to agree with us, right? So, because they are in charge, and the military has to follow orders, this is what has happened.

Which brings me to my next point. Why has NO ONE in the upper reaches of command stood up to expose this folly? Because they have placed career minded cowards in charge of the military. There was a competent Lt. Col. of Marines who put his rank, career and future financial standing on the line to call them out, which he did. These cowards have relieved him of command and rest assured, he will be forced out. THAT my friends, is true courage, because he knew this would happen. That is the sort of courage demonstrated by the founding fathers of this country. But even then, it was only a small minority of people who stood up to an insane and tyrannical inbred king of England.

Joe Biden, because the Chinese have paid him millions of dollars through his crack smoking hooker screwing son, is completely and totally compromised. This is also fact, but not reported by the news media who continues to prop up this empty suit. The man can barely even read a teleprompter, and has to refer to note cards of various subjects to form even a half assed reply. Constantly is referring to being ‘instructed’ to only call on certain journalists. Instructed? By whom? If you think he is actually in charge, you are ignoring the obvious.

Are we in too deep and too late? I don’t know. It remains to be seen. I can guarantee that things will most likely get worse. I pray that I am wrong. It is time to stand together as Americans, and not let the media, the politicians, and the Deep State bureaucracy divide us. There are some who cannot break away from the programming. Well, they’re hopeless so don’t bother. In my experience, there are still a majority of Americans who still hold our values dear. Find them, and encourage them to remain steadfast.

Meanwhile, POTUS Joe Biden, this is all I have to say to you.